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The new county building code allows the construction of accessory structures such as tool sheds, storage sheds , play houses, and other similar uses up to 600 square feet on agricultural property with        no permit required .


3/20/21 (Currently the building department has revised the rules for sheds on ag lots less than 2 acres, leaving 1 acre lots in limbo. There has been talk about fixing that but, who knows) More information soon!

(The code also allows construction of those sheds up to 120 square ft on non agricultural property.)

These are called accessory structures because the property has to have a dwelling on it already. It will not be possible to get a plumbing or electrical permit if the structure itself is not permitted so be careful if you plan to change use in the future.

We have calculated the cost for a number of sheds that meet the size requirements.They are intended to meet code in most respects .They are planned for a slab or a plywood floor structure on joists sitting on skids on the ground. If you want to raise them up to whatever level, we need to calculate the blocks, posts,and braces to do that. We also have not included windows or doors.

The siding is 5/8 t-1-11 but could be thinner and cheaper if you wish. I can't possibly plan all available options so keep in mind the design criteria can be changed and pricing could be changed.

                        Call us for details.

Sheds are small, versatile, detached buildings that can be very functional but they don't have to look cheap.  Dress them up and they can be an attractive addition to your property.


We have picked five widths (8', 10', 12', 16 & 20'') and developed material lists and package prices for lengths ranging from 8' to 32'.  


Our design uses 4x4 girders, 2x6 floor joists, 3/4" T&G plywood floor, 2x4 plates and studs 16"OC, 5/8" T1-11 siding, 2x6 rafters 2' OC, 2x4 purlins, ribbed metal roofing, no window or doors.


A building permit is NOT required on a structure under 120 sq.ft.  A larger shed would require plans to be drawn.

On agricultural property the code was changed in March 2012 to allow up to 600 sq ft without a permit


The design process would begin with you choosing the size that best suits your needs.

1.  Choose a foundation style - your own slab or 3/4" T&G plywood floor.

2.  Choice of siding - 3/8" or 5/8" T1-11, T&G cedar or pine, Hardie plank, or Smart Panel.         

3.  Roofing choices - corrugated metal or shingles.

4.  Window size / placement and placement of doors.

5.  Style of trim.




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